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Updated April 30, 2017

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Thrice Publishing™ Call for Novel Submissions...

Updated April 30, 2017


Thrice Publishing™ (the NFP company that publishes Thrice Fiction™ magazine) is seeking submissions for novel-length fiction starting at 70,000 words. The reading period runs from May 1 through July 31.

Though we will consider everything from traditional to alternative work, we are looking for the shock of the new whenever we can find it. We will look at everything and consider ourselves unafraid to take a chance.

We will select one or two new titles a year to fill the Thrice Library. Please understand that we receive over three hundred submissions during this period and no decisions are made until every entry has been read. We also reserve the right to accept none at all if our standards are not met.

We like everything from Walser to Hemingway. From Warhol to Gogol. Our advice to you is to read some issues of our magazine... Thrice Fiction, available FREE online... and then go be yourself.

And, yes, we used to do novellas. Novellas were where we wanted to start. And though we require a minimum of 70,000 words in these submissions, we won’t kick you out of bed if you send us something shorter. Just be aware it will unfortunately have an extra level of difficulty to get through to us.

Thrice Publishing will offer a writer-centered payment process and rights conditions. These details will be discussed and explained on acceptance of your work.

So check your notebooks for likely projects, keep the May 1st start-date in mind, and watch for further announcements.


SUBMISSION WINDOW IS CURRENTLY CLOSED! The next submission window is May 1 through July 31.




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